Product Details

  • Composition:  Glycerin 10gm + Mannitol 10gm/100ml Inj.
  • Description: Neuroline is a powerful combination for immediate and sustained effect. It contains Mannitol and Glycerin, two sugars with osmotic diuretic properties which is a unique balance combination of efficacy and safety for the specific care of cerebral oedma. It contains glycerin (10% w/v) and mannitol (10% w/v), two sugars with good osmotic diuretic properties.
  • Indication: In Reduction of raised intra-cranial pressure (ICP) in following conditions: Cerebral oedema, Cerebral infraction, Intra-cerebral haemorrhage, Head Injury.
  • Packing: Each Neuroline glass bottle contains Glycerin 10gm + Mannitol 10gm / 100 ml Injection.