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Zyphars Pharmaceutics

About Us

Zyphar's is an emerging young Indian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Marketing Company established in 2009 by a strong and experienced team of professionals having a pan India and global presence. The launch of Zyphar's Pharmaceutics was a conscious decision to promote research, production and sales of cost effective, value added, and tested quality products.

Zyphar's specializes in a most sophisticated and state-of-the-art quality products across specialties like Critical Care, Gastro, Cardio Care, Neuro Care and Oncology. Today, Zyphar's Pharmaceutics is the preferred choice among domestic & global healthcare industry in providing exceptional products, services and solutions. Our customers know us for excellence in everything that we do. Zyphar's believes in achieving success through strong values such as Concern, Care and Cure.

Therapies We Are Focusing On

We specialize in critical care injectables covering multiple specialties

Our Pride

We manufacture & market quality medicines in domestic and international markets

Our Key Brands