Product Details

  • Composition:  Enoxaparin sodium 40mg/0.4ml & 60mg/0.6ml Injection.
  • Description: Enophar contains Enoxaparin which belongs to a group of medicine called low molecular weight heparin or LMWH. It is used to prevent and treat blood clots. It works by stopping the existing blood clots from getting bigger. This medicine helps your body to break the clot and stops them from causing any harm to the body and also prevents new blood clots forming in your blood.
  • Indication: To Prevent and treat blood clots in Deep vein Thrombosis, Pulmonary Embolism, NSTEMI, APS, OHSS & Haemodialysis.
  • Packing: Each Pre-filled syringe of Enophar 0.4ml or 0.6ml contains Enoxaparin sodium 40mg or 60mg respectively.